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ST26 Buffalo Turf Grass – Lawn Green Lawn Care

ST26 Buffalo (or ST26 St Augustine grass, as it is referred to in North America) is another variety of Stenotaphrum secundatum. The Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) of ST26 Buffalo are owned by H.&T. Whiting Turfgrass Development group (an American owned company that has developed many different species of turf grasses). In general terms there are two (2) main…

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ST85 Buffalo – Lawn Green Lawn Care

ST85 Buffalo turf grass (or ST85 St Augustine grass as it is referred to in the North American continent) is one of many turf grasses available around the globe for use in home, commercial and recreational landscape settings. For an understanding of where different grasses fit in you need to appreciate that there are two (2) main categories…

Turf Grass Classification

What Grass Is That – Zoysia, Couch, Kikuyu – Lawn Green Lawn Care

This video has been taken on site at the turf farm of GreenLife Turf at Windsor, west of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Lawn mowing and gardening contractors will really appreciate the time spent having a look around at any turf farm. Contractors will be able to see first-hand the different types of [warm season] turf grasses available at these turf farms….

Turf Grass Classification

What Grass Is That – Queensland Blue Couch – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Have a look at this video that I recorded at a customer’s property in Sydney, NSW, Australia – the nature strip or verge is predominantly Queensland Blue Couch (scientific name is Digitaria didactyla). It has a blue-green hue or colour that is distinctly different to your regular Couch grass (otherwise known as Bermuda Grass in North…

Turf Grass Classification

Bermuda Grass Lawn Care Tips – Lawn Green Lawn Care

We have written a full article on Bermuda Grass Lawn Care Tips / Bermuda Lawn Care Tips. If You want more information about Caring for Your Lawn, please register for our Free Report on “The 5 Secrets To A Great Looking Lawn” – or call the Lawn Expert on 1300 55 74 72 now for a FREE QUOTE to be on…

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Bermuda Lawn Care Tips – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Bermuda Lawn is a turf grass common to both North American and Australian homes, gardens and sporting fields. In general terms, there are two (2) broad categories of turf grasses which are Cool Season grasses and Warm Season Grasses. Cool season grasses are those that grow as a single stem plant. Examples of cool season grasses are rye grass…

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Buffalo Lawn Care Tips – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Buffalo Lawn Care Tips – How to look after your Buffalo turf in Australia… Buffalo Turf Grass (also known as St Augustine grass in North America) is a warm season turf grass made very popular in Australia with the relatively new soft leaf Buffalo varieties such as Shademaster (in the 1980s) and Sir Walter Buffalo…

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Couch Lawn Care – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Couch Lawn Care: Looking after your Couch / Bermuda Grass Lawn Just before I get into the topic, I am writing this article from an Australian perspective and need to clarify some terminology. Broadly, this article will refer to Warm Season grasses, and amongst these grasses we will reference the following Turf Grasses (including there…