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Green Lawn – More than just a lawn mowing company…

Lawn Green’s Lawn Care Experts Specialise In Turning Your Tired Old Grass Into Lush Green Lawns!

With our Weed & Feed Lawn Care program, we turn your tired old grass into Lush Green Lawn, safe for you and your family to enjoy.

Did you know that over 180 different weeds, 30 lawn insect pests and 20 diseases can damage your lawn?

So, for a lush, beautiful and greener weed free lawn, call the Lawn Expert on 1300 55 74 72 now!

What Gerry Promises He and His Team Delivers

“When people need help in their garden it’s hard not to help. When it comes to Lawn Care we recommend Lawn Green to our friends and neighbours. Gerry and the LawnGreen team under-promises and over-delivers. What you get is both professional and helpful.”

John F, Castle Hill NSW


I Have Never Had A Better Lawn Nor A Greener One

“My wife entered me into the Fathers Day draw (with 2GB’s Garden Clinic) for Lawn Green with Gerry Faehrmann to which I was a winner. Gerry attended my home and has commenced fixing my lawns. May I say, bearing in mind there is a drought, that I have never had a better lawn nor a greener one, weed free and growing as easier as I have ever seen it. I just wanted to drop you a line to give Gerry a rap and to thank you for a wonderful show you have.”

Steve Wye, Quakers Hill NSW

Here’s Our Guarantee To You: Beautiful Lush Green Lawns And Weed Free – Forever!

How it works…

Our weed-free success is achieved by using a granular fertilizer product that is coated with a pre-emergent herbicide. The fertiliser naturally greens the lawn and the herbicide coating goes into the soil and stops weed seeds from germinating.

This service works well for all lawns including kikuyu, couch, durban, zoysia and even all buffalo lawns (including all the great Aussie Buffalo varieties like Sir Walter, Sapphire, Kings Pride, Kakadu, Matilda and so on).

Lawn Green Is Also Proud Of The

Following Business Awards Achieved In:

Directors Joanne & Gerry Faehrmann with David Borger

Lawn Green’s directors, Joanne & Gerry Faehrmann,

with Parramatta Lord Mayor, David Borger,

at the Suncorp Parramatta Business Excellence Awards

Questions Frequently Asked By Property Owners

Q. How much will you need to invest in this program?

A. From around $15 per week, you can have a lush, greener and weed free lawn!

Q. “But I live down the road from a park that is full of weeds, and I worry that we will get another really bad weed infestation!”

A. That’s a good point, however, the beauty of our 2 in 1 weed and feed system is that, whilst we are nurturing your lawn, any weed seeds that blow in to your lawn will not germinate.

I No Longer Need To Spend Hours Weeding The Lawn

Lawn Green's namesake, Lorne Greene Actor“After fighting against weeds in our lawn for many years, and with limited success, I discovered the service provided by Lawn Green. The lawn has never been happier, and I no longer need to spend hours weeding the lawn. It is weed free and I am released from the task of trying to beat the weeds with sprays. The system really works !!”

John Huggett, St Ives NSW

Lawn Green’s Attention Has Made An Amazing Difference!

“For years my lawn turned to desert each winter as it couldn’t cope with the shade and cold – this year Lawn Green’s attention has made an amazing difference! Even with the lack of water under the restrictions for the continuing drought, the lawn has maintained a green & healthy winter cover and the kids have certainly enjoyed the better surface.”

“Just as I have told friends who have noticed the difference, I would have no hesitation in recommending Lawn Green to anyone looking to make a difference to their tired and worn out lawn”

Roseville NSW

Chris Deegan | Structured Investments | Westpac Institutional Bank

Q. “What about the water restrictions and the drought? How can we possibly have a nice lawn?”.

A. Well, with Lawn Green’s award winning Lawn Care system there is NO watering required – that’s right, a waterless weed and feed Lawn Care service.

Q. “How can you make a lawn green without watering it?”

A. A major benefit of our Lawn Care system is that our clients do not need to water their lawns. Since the introduction of water restrictions and an increased awareness of water shortages, people have not been educated clearly about effective water use particularly in the care of their lawns.

Generally, lawn and turf grasses have different water needs than garden plants. Lawns require heavy but infrequent watering, whereby garden plants generally need more regular but lighter watering.

We tell our prospects and clients that lawns only need be watered in extreme dry conditions, say once a week in summer, and once a month in winter. Lawns only require heavy but infrequent watering. By heavy watering the moisture travels deep into the soil profile, allowing the turf grass roots to establish to a depth of 200-300mm deep. So, with deep root growth, the turf grass becomes drought tolerant.

As the heavy but infrequent watering is already mimicked by the rainfall, we then tell our clients there is NO need to water their lawns!

So roll that hose up, sit back and just enjoy your greener, weed free lawn!

Wow! What A Difference LawnGreen Has Made…

Michael Kovacs - Frenchs ForestWow! What a difference LawnGreen has made in just 3 months.

“All my weeds have gone, the lawn is lush and some real problem areas are showing good signs of recovering. I’m more than impressed. I can’t wait to see further improvements and now love looking at my lawn again.”

Thanks Gerry and the LawnGreen team.

Michael Kovacs, Frenchs Forest NSW

I Approached Lawn Green With A Challenge…

And My Couch Turf Has Never Looked Greener Or Better

Peter Saccasan - Cherrybrook“When I first came to you, I had a lawn problem that I thought no-one could solve. I had killed off my kikuyu lawn, had it removed and put in a nice couch lawn because I was tired of pulling kikuyu out of my garden. When the couch was laid, a watering system using the endorsed drip-line system was cleverly laid under the whole lawn. However, old kikuyu never dies – it comes back to haunt you. 2 weeks later I had kikuyu sprouting everywhere in my new couch lawn. And with the new watering system under the lawn, I couldn’t dig it out. So I tried pulling it all out but of course this was useless.”

“I approached Lawn Green with a challenge – how do you remove kikuyu from a couch lawn without killing the couch or damaging the watering system?”

“3 months later, I am very pleased to say that there is not a blade of kikuyu to be seen, and my couch has never looked greener or better.”

Thanks Lawn Green, thanks Gerry.

Peter Saccasan, Cherrybrook NSW

Q. “We have children and pets. Are your fertilizers safe around the home?”

A. This is a really good question. Firstly, Lawn Green proudly utilises the Dry Lawn Care Method™ when servicing its customers’ lawns. The aim of our Lawn Care system is to minimise the amount of herbicide spraying. It goes without saying that “less spraying is better”.

So, by relying on granular products (and with minimal to nil spraying) our Lawn Care system is safer around children, pets and plants.

Keen gardeners and lawn lovers are always interested to hear that the aim of our Lawn Care system is designed to minimise the amount of herbicide spraying that goes on.

Q. “What can you do for lawns damaged by curl grub and army worm?”

A. Often in summer and early autumn, people start noticing dead blotchy patches in their lawns. Chances are your lawn is being ravaged by lawn insects (such as curl grub, bill-bug, army worm, sod web worm and so on)! We can guarantee complete protection against all lawn insect pests including Black Beetle, Curl Grub, Army Worm and so on.

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Whether you engage a Lawn Care Service (like ours) or not it is really important to get the basics right. Our 1 Page Lawn Care Cheat Sheet at will help you get on the right track.