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Buffalo ST Lawn Varieties include the well known ST26, ST85 and ST91 Buffalograsses. Buffalo Turf grass is the common name given to Stenotaphrum secundatumin Australia, and it is otherwise known as St Augustine grass in North America.

The Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) of the ST Buffalo varieties including ST26, ST85 and ST91 are owned by an American, Hugh Whiting, and his company call H&T Whiting Turfgrass Development Group.

Broadly speaking, turf grasses can be categorized into 2 groups, Cool Season Grasses and Warm Season Grasses.

Warm Season Grasses are different to cool season grasses in that they have Above Ground Runners (or otherwise technically known as Stolons). Then there is a sub group of the Warm Season Grasses that have both Above Ground Runners and Below Ground Runners (otherwise known as Rhizomes).

Buffalo turf grasses are only built with Stolons. The grasses with both Stolons and Rhizomes include couch grass (also known as Bermuda Grass in North America), kikuyu grass and so on. These grasses are favoured for sports field situations as they recover quickly.

Buffalo grasses, therefore, are used only in recreational situations. The advantages of Buffalo Turf over other grasses include shade tolerance, longer lasting green colour in cooler months, salt tolerance along coastal areas and non-invasive quality of stolons adjacent to garden areas.

Out of all the Buffalo varieties, the ST varieties are very intolerant of lawn herbicides that are used to control broadleaf weeds. These herbicides, including Chemspray’s Bin-Die, are registered as being safe to use on all Buffalo grasses. However, experience shows that the ST Buffalo varieties exhibit leaf damage (and even death) to the turf grass where spraying was carried out.

If you see a lawn herbicide with the warning on the label saying “NOT TO BE USED ON ST BUFFALO VARIETIES” this refers to the ST26, ST85 and ST91 Buffalo varieties.

All the Aussie Buffalo grasses (and also Palmetto grass) are all safe to spray with these herbicides.

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Buffalo ST Varieties are rubbish