What Grass Is That? Warm Season or Cool Season Grass

lawnWhat Grass is that? – is a question asked by many home owners and inexperienced lawn mowing contractors. There are many different grass types which fall into one of 2 categories of grasses: Warm or Cool Season Grasses.

In Australia, especially in the temperate zone, we experience the delights offered by the four seasons of Summer, Autumn (or Fall as it is referred to in North America), Winter and Spring. The predominant turf grass types grown and cared for in residential and corporate gardens (in our temperate zone) are mostly Warm Season Grasses. Along with these, some people prefer the benefits offered with Cool Season grasses.

Cool Season grasses are those mostly propagated for use in northern hemisphere countries like the United Kingdom, North America, Canada and so on. These grasses are different from warm season grasses in that they mostly grow from seed ONLY and generally grow with a single stem ONLY. These grass types including Rye and Fescue lawns require plenty of moisture to keep them looking their best.

However, there is a new-ish Tall Fescue grass on the market called Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF). RTF has Rhizomes (under ground runners) allowing it to repair itself by developing its under ground runners.

Warm Season grasses are popular all around the world in more temperate climates such as Africa, Australia and South America. These grasses can be propagated BOTH by seed (with limited success for some grasses) and by vegetative means including sods, turf rolls or small sprigs of runners.

All Warm Season lawns require heavy but infrequent watering – so generally the rainfall of the temperate areas provide the correct amount of moisture for the long term survival of these grass types. All of these lawn types are built with above ground runners (technically referred to as STOLONS) and a large group of these grasses have a system of BOTH above ground runners (STOLONS) and below ground runners (technically referred to as RHIZOMES).

The grasses with Stolons ONLY include Buffalo grass, or St Augustine grass (as it is referred to in North America); and Queensland Blue Couch. The grasses with both Stolons and Rhizomes include Kikuyu, Couch (Bermuda) grass, Zoysia, Seashore Paspalum and so on.

The warm season grasses with both stolons and rhizomes such as the couch (Bermuda grass) and Kikuyu grasses are used in sports field and other heavy wear situations. The rhizomes of these grasses allow for quick recovery after heavy winter use (especially in the Australian winter sport seasons).

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