Lawn Spraying Service Test Spraying New Buffalo Lawns

Lawn Spraying Service: When looking after a new Buffalo Lawn keep in mind the following:

  • Any lawn herbicide (in Bunnings) that is registered for use on Buffalo is fine
  • Examples are Amgrows Bin-die, Yates Buffalo Pro and then the professional products like Javelin or Spearhead
  • Important Note: There are 10 different buffalo-es sold in Australia, and 3 of them are really intolerant of the broadleaf weed herbicides registered for use on Buffalo. These 3 are the American varieties called ST26, ST85, ST91 (google ST Buffalo varieties ). The moment we spray these ST Buffalos they die 2-3 weeks later, so in any case (as we cannot tell one buffalo lawn from another) we always test spray any new buffalo lawn we start work on. We come back 2-3 weeks later and when we see the lawn is OK we know we can safely spray the buffalo with all herbicides safe (registered) for use on Buffalo inc Palmetto.
  • As a point of interest, you will notice on the Herbicide labels they will mention not to use on ST Buffalo varieties (see screenshot below referring to Yates Buffalo Pro and not to use on ST Buffalo), and as we cannot tell one Buffalo lawn from another we then safeguard ourselves by test spraying the buffalo.
  • Anyway for you, best to test spray a couple of spots with the herbicide on some buffalo with weeds and wait 2 weeks , if the weeds have died and not the buffalo then you are all good to go.
  • Fertilise every 3 months with any Bunnings fertiliser with a NPK around 22:0:5 or higher like Scotts Lawn Builder

Lawn Spraying Service - always test spray your buffalo lawn to make sure your buffalo is safe with the lawn herbicides

Lawn Spraying Service - test spraying your buffalo lawn








  • The ST Buffalo varieties such as ST26, ST85 and ST91 Buffalo are intolerant of the broadleaf weed herbicides.
  • With any new Buffalo lawn, we always test spray the buffalo and 2 weeks later if there is no damage to the buffalo then we know we can safely spray the lawn with all herbicides registered for use on Buffalo.
  • Better to be safe than sorry.

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Lots of luck with your lawn spraying service!