What Grass Is That – Zoysia, Couch, Kikuyu – Lawn Green Lawn Care

This video has been taken on site at the turf farm of GreenLife Turf at Windsor, west of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Lawn mowing and gardening contractors will really appreciate the time spent having a look around at any turf farm. Contractors will be able to see first-hand the different types of [warm season] turf grasses available at these turf farms.

In this video you will see a range of different turf grasses set out in a plot outside GreenLife Turf’s office.

The turf grasses include:

  1. Couch grass (aka Bermuda Grass) – Cynodon dactylon
  2. Zoysia grass – Zoysia japonica
  3. Kikuyu grass – Pennisetum clandestinum


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