Turf Grass Classification

Kikuyu Lawn Care – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Kikuyu and Couch (also known as Bermuda grass in the North American continent) turf grasses are commonly used in playing fields and sports field situations. Homeowners are unaware of the reasons behind this and we will give a simple and detailed explanation. We need to understand there are two (2) broad categories of turf grasses. These are Cool Season turf grasses and Warm Season turf ... [Continue Reading]

What Turf Grass is That?

Turf grasses are classified in 2 broad categories: Cool season turf grasses Warm season turf grasses Cool season turf grasses (common and botanical names) include: Perennial Rye grass - Lolium perenne Creeping bentgrass - Agrostis palustris Tall fescue - Festuca arundinacea Kentucky bluegrass - Poa pratensis Warm season turf grasses (common and botanical names) include: Couch - ... [Continue Reading]