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st-augustine2What Turf Grass Is That? – another guide for lawn mowing, gardening and landscaping contractors…

We know there are two (2) broad categories of grasses including Cool Season and Warm Season grasses.

Cool Season grasses are those that are propagated by seed only, and generally grow with a single stem per seedling. Some of these grasses do have creeping runners (rhizomes).

Warm Season grasses are those that can be propagated both by seed or turf sods (or turf rolls), and all have Stolons (or above ground runners), and a large proportion of these Warm Season turf species have BOTH Stolons (above ground runners) and Rhizomes (below ground runners).

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A watering tip for the professional (and otherwise) gardener: The watering requirements for these grasses differ in that Cool Season grasses require light & frequent watering, whereas Warm Season grasses require heavy & infrequent watering.

Depending on your country of origin different plants and animals maybe referred to by their common name, however, their scientific or latin name is the same the world over.

An example of this is with Australia’s Buffalo grass (scientifically known as Stenotaphrum secundatum) that is known in North America as St Augustine grass. Also, Australia’s Couch grass (Cynodon dactylon) is known in North America as Bermuda grass.

Turf grasses have different common names depending on which country you are from. Buffalo turf (including Sir Walter buffalo) is called Buffalo grass in Australia, however, the American equivalent is St. Augustine grass. Interestingly, there is another grass in North America called Buffalo grass which is not the same as Australia’s Buffalo grass.

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  1. You mentioned a product called Destiny- an effective herbicide for onion weed for professional garden care. Where is it available for sale? Any info greatly appreciated, we run a garden care business, and one of my clients has a lawn full of it.

  2. Hi Megan, Destiny is registered to target Onion Weed and Onion Grass in all warm season grasses except Queensland Blue Couch. You need to be ChemCert-ified – http://www.ChemCert.com.au – to use this product. Hope this helps, otherwise call me.

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