ST26 Buffalo Turf Grass – Lawn Green Lawn Care

st-augustine2ST26 Buffalo
 (or ST26 St Augustine grass, as it is referred to in North America) is another variety of Stenotaphrum secundatum. The Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) of ST26 Buffalo are owned by H.&T. Whiting Turfgrass Development group (an American owned company that has developed many different species of turf grasses).

In general terms there are two (2) main grass types including Cool Season Turf Grasses and Warm Season Turf Grasses.

The Buffalo variety of turf grass is one of many Warm Season Turf Grasses. Buffalo grass, like Queensland Blue Couch (Digitaria didactyla), ONLY has Above Ground runners (technically referred to as Stolons). By virtue of the way Buffalo grass is built, Best Mowing Practice (BMP) dictates that Buffalo should never be scalped or cut too short as this is the quick way to seriously damage the turf.

The other Warm Season grasses like Couch grass (also known as Bermuda Grass in the North American continent), Kikuyu, Zoysia, Seashore Paspalum and so on have BOTH Above Ground Runners (Stolons) and Below Ground Runners (technically known as Rhizomes). As these grasses are built with both Stolons and Rhizomes, they can be mowed fairly short with good results. This is why green couch grass is used successfully in sports field situations and for cricket pitches and lawn bowling greens.

ST26 Buffalo, or Austine Buffalo (as it is promoted by some Turf Growers) has proven to be susceptible to drought stress (due to its shallow root system) and also susceptible to severe leaf damage when sprayed with the correct registered broad leaf herbicide. All round, ST26 Buffalo does not make the grade as a desirable turf grass for domestic and recreational situations in Australia.

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