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ST85 Buffalo turf grassST85 Buffalo turf grass (or ST85 St Augustine grass as it is referred to in the North American continent) is one of many turf grasses available around the globe for use in home, commercial and recreational landscape settings.

For an understanding of where different grasses fit in you need to appreciate that there are two (2) main categories of turf grasses including Cool Season grasses and Warm Season grasses.

Cool Season grasses are grown from seed into a single stem plant and include grasses like rye grass, Kentucky Blue grass and fescue.

Warm Season grasses include two main types.

One group includes the grasses with BOTH Above Ground Runners (known as Stolons) and Below Ground Runners (known as Rhizomes). Grasses in this group include Couch grass (or Bermuda grass as it is known in the North American continent), Kikuyu grass, Zoysia, Seashore Paspalum and so on. Couch and kikuyu are the common choice (in Australia) for sports and playing fields (as they have both stolons and rhizomes) and recover quickly in Spring after a hard use in the winter sport season.

The other group includes the grasses with ONLY Above Ground Runners (Stolons). These grasses are Buffalo grass (or St Augustine as it is referred to in America) and Queensland Blue Couch (no relation to the regular Couch grass).

Of the Buffalo (St Augustine) grasses, there are many varieties.

In Australia, there are Soft Leaf Buffalo grasses like Sir Walter, Kings Pride, Matilda, Sapphire and, of course, the old original Hard Leaf Buffalo. All the Australian Buffalo varieties originate from Africa and Asia and have a different DNA to the American Buffalo varieties. Interestingly, all the Australian Buffalo varieties can be safely sprayed with Bromoxynil herbicide that is universally registered for use on broadleaf weeds in Buffalo.

In America, there are Soft Leaf Buffalo (St Augustine) varieties like ST26, ST85, ST91 and so on. In our experience, we recommend to owners of the ST varieties that we cannot safely spray broadleaf weeds in there lawn as certain serious damage will occur. We believe that, as the American varieties originate from the Carribean area, the DNA of these Buffalo varieties make them very intolerant of these herbicides.

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