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Lawn Care Coaching

Lawn Care Coaching – Every First Friday of the month (4-6pm)

You will learn how to:

  1. Start your own Lawn Care business from scratch
  2. Convert lawnmowing customers into higher paying Lawn Care clients (3-4 times higher per hour)
  3. Enjoy the benefits of our Group Buying Discounts for fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides etc
  4. Do the Lawn Care and give Correct Advice with confidence and without ever making mistakes
  5. Enjoy the Institute’s friendship and camaraderie
  6. Set up your own Lawn Care for minimal start up costs for vehicles and equipment
  7. Get your Marketing Mix right with the 5 P’s including Product+Price+Place+Promotion and (importantly) Position
  8. Improve your profit margins
  9. Sell your service without the hard sell
  10. Get started for less than $1,000 and with Zero Risk
  11. Develop your own Action Plan to take away
  12. Every month you will continue “Working On Your Business, Not Just In It!”

If you are interested please join us:

When: 4pm – 6pm on the First Friday of each month

Where: 7 Elliott Place, Cherrybrook (in Hills area – North Western area of Sydney, NSW)

What To Bring: Note taking materials eg iPad, pen, paper

Booking: Book online using the Online Enquiry Form at Right Hand Side of Computer Screen or use Email Us Now tab at bottom of Mobile version of our website

Limited Spots Available: Only 6 participants per session

Initial Investment: $550 (inc GST) for Lawn Green’s Operations Manual (over 60 pages) and hit the ground running

Monthly Investment: $165 per hour (inc  GST) for hands on Business Coaching with The Lawn Expert (face to face in Sydney or by telephone)

Presenter: Gerry Faehrmann – The Lawn Expert – owner of Lawn Green and the Australian Institute Of Lawn Care Professionals

Lawn Care Coaching





More info below:

LawnGreen’s [Lawn Care Service] is very popular amongst its customers for the following reasons at https://LawnGreen.com.au/Why-Choose-Our-Lawn-Care-Service/

If you need new turf (including complete soil preparation, turf supply and installation) whether its any one of the many Aussie Buffalo grasses or any other grasses like Couch, Kikuyu and Zoysia then give these guys a call at https://lawnsolutionsaustralia.com.au/ or https://www.myhometurf.com.au/

Whether you engage a Lawn Care Service like ours or not it is really important to look after your lawn properly. You can save yourself a lot of grief by downloading our 1 Page Lawn Care Cheat Sheet at https://LawnGreen.com.au/The-Lawn-Lovers-Cheat-Sheet-the-complete-1-page-Lawn-Guide/ – this Cheat Sheet is a great summary of what to do and what not to do for the novice or passionate Lawn Lover.

Lawn Care Coaching – for greener weed free lawns forever