[How To Overseed Your Lawn] with Rye Grass – [Overseeding An Existing Lawn] to thicken up your grass

Another “How To” video for Homeowners and Contractors – [How To Overseed Your Lawn] with Rye Grass – [Overseeding An Existing Lawn] to thicken up your grass – uploaded to Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/YourLawnAndGarden on 1/4/2016.

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Video Script for [How To Overseed Your Lawn] with Rye Grass – [Overseeding An Existing Lawn] to thicken up your grass as follows:

1) Gidday it’s the Lawn Expert here.

2) I have just mowed the lawn yesterday, it’s the first month into Autumn here in Sydney, Australia.

3) Going into Winter the kikuyu grass will start to slow down and loose its colour.

4) So there are 2 ways we can get some colour into our lawn. Firstly with turf paint and secondly with rye grass overseeding.

5) I will show you in another video the art of instantly greening up your lawn with another new turf colourant product (similar to turf paint) called Colourguard.

6) However, I really like rye grass on my front lawn here because the kids can still play on the front yard. You see the kikuyu (the warm season grass) weakens with the cooler winter temperatures and the winter shade, and we can oversow the rye grass a couple of times over the autumn and winter to provide a lush green lawn. The rye grass can handle the kids’ traffic and handles the shade as well.

7) Let’s have a look at the Rye Grass seed to show you what it looks like before we oversow it into the lawn. The rye grass seed is around 1millimetre wide and 5 millimetres long.

8). We need to apply around 4 kilograms of Rye Grass Seed to 100 square metres of lawn. I have already fertilized the kikuyu grass earlier in March (it is the 28th of March as I am writing this), so there is fertilizer in the soil ready for the Rye Grass Seed.

9) We will need to water the lawn every day for say 30 minutes, however, I will just wing it and hope the rain delivers.

10) The rye grass will germinate within a week and start to out grow the kikuyu within a month.

11) Hope this helps you out.

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