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Lawn Treated After Finding Roundup Footprints In Lawn

  Lawn Treated required after finding Roundup Footprints in the lawn – wow! Must have been a junior gardener – learning from experience hopefully. Oh well, gotta laugh! Your Lawn Repair in this situation calls for a few things to help get the lawn back on track. These are: Identify the problem and rectify it so…

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Earthworm Mounds and Damage To Lawns – Tips

Earthworm Mounds In Lawns – What Happens When Earthworms Damage Your Lawn and How To Get Your Lawn Back On Track. Here is a request for help from a LawnGreen fan – “I have a TifTuf couch lawn and have a severe problem of too many earthworms that are causing castings and destroying the look of…

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Lawn Maintenance Services – For Lush Green Lawns

Lawn Maintenance Services provided by LawnGreen is an excellent way to turn your tired old grass into Lush Green Lawn.             Just so you know! We don’t do any mowing or gardening. Like everything in life, best to leave the mowing and gardening to the mowing and gardening experts. We…

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LawnGreen Cheat Sheet – 1 Page Of Tips For Lawn Lovers

Just google LawnGreen Cheat Sheet – and get all the know how on looking after your lawn.   Even if you don’t have someone like Lawn Green looking after your lawn you still need to know the basics of caring for your lawn.   Go to https://LawnGreen.com.au/The-Lawn-Lovers-Cheat-Sheet-the-complete-1-page-lawn-guide/ for your own copy of the Cheat Sheet….

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Winter Lawn Care Tips For The Home Owner

  Winter Lawn Care Tips – For The Homeowner and Lawn Lovers    For Winter Lawn Care Tips to take away in this bit of free publicity for us a few years ago, still relevant and timely. For other info re publicity we have with various local papers and other media outlets, go to  https://LawnGreen.com.au/Media-Publicity/…

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Lawn Care Companies Sydney – No Mowing No Gardening

Lawn Care Companies Sydney: Just a re cap of what we offer here at LawnGreen!             No Mowing and No Gardening! What we do is keep your lawn looking greener and weed free with our weed & feed Lawn Care Sydney wide program. Things we offer include: weed & feed…

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Winter Grass Control In Lawn – Lawn Care Sydney

Winter Grass Control In Lawn – Lawn Care Services for the control of Winter Grass in Lawns and all Grasses including Cool Season and Warm Season Grasses. Winter Grass Control in lawn can be done using non-chemical and chemical methods.       Briefly the non chemical methods of control include regular mowing (with catcher)…

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TifTuf Couch Lawn Care – Lawn Care Service Sydney

TifTuf Couch Lawn Care – Just quoted on this Tiff Tuff Couch Lawn (Cynodon dactylon) in Burraneer, NSW, Sydney, and it’s badly infested with Onion Weed as you can see.             We can get on top of the [Onion Weed] with Bayer’s Destiny Herbicide. When we get the go ahead…

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Kikuyu Grass Care In Summer – Lawn Care Tips

Kikuyu Grass Care – Summer is just around the corner and it’s good to have a plan for your Summer Lawn Care. A few tips for Summer going forward: Mow lawn regularly, that is, every week Mow with a catcher always, never mulch Fertilise lightly with a slow release lawn fertiliser. Lightly so you aren’t…

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Kikuyu Maintenance And Lawn Care

Kikuyu Maintenance And Lawn Care –  Kikiuyu is the unsung hero of all lawns (if looked after correctly). The lawn below is our lawn at The Ponderosa here in Cherrybrook NSW. Always the poor cousin of Couch, Buffalo and Zoysia grasses, however, if Kikuyu is treated well it looks like a Star! Kikuyu Maintenance And…