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Couch Lawn Care

Couch Lawn Care – Just quoted on this Tiff Tuff Couch Lawn (Cynodon dactylon) in Burraneer, NSW, Sydney, and it’s badly infested with Onion Weed as you can see. Note TifTuf Couch is one of many varieties of Couch Grass.

Couch Lawn Care - Lawn Care Service SydneyCouch Lawn Care - Lawn Care Service Sydney







We can get on top of the [Onion Weed] with Duke Herbicide (by Indigo Specialty Products).

When we get the go ahead to rejuvenate this lawn, we will do the following:

  1. Fertilise with our professional grade granular fertiliser
  2. Spray all lawn areas with Bayer’s Specticle pre-emergent herbicide to prevent winter weed germination. This is done every summer to help prepare for the following winter.
  3. Spray all Tiff Tuff Couch lawn with Duke HerbicideDuke (by Indigo) is the only product that will get rid of Onion Weed in all Warm Season Grasses (inc Couch, Buffalo, Kikuyu etc except is not registered for use on Queensland Blue Couch)
  4. All broadleaf weeds including clover, oxalis, flatweed will be eradicated the next week with Warhead Trio (also by Indigo Specialty Products).
  5. Other weeds like nutgrass, mullumbimby couch, wintergrass can be eradicated with Recondo Herbicide (by Indigo).
  6. Also we can get rid of Kikuyu infestations in couch using Recondo.
  7. Basically, we can get rid of all weeds in Couch Grass.

The main advice we will give the client is to mow lawn regularly and only remove a third of the grass’s leaf at each mow.

Some Lawn Care tips for Couch Grass include:

1. Mow your lawn regularly ie every week in Summer around 30mm high, every 2 weeks Spring and Autumn and every 3-4 weeks in Winter

2. Water your lawn every week (for 1 hour) in Summer (if no rain), and NIL water in Winter

3. Fertilise with a well balanced granular fertiliser

4. Only mow one third of the grass leaf at each mowing

5. NO Raking

LawnGreen’s Sydney Lawn Care Service is very popular amongst its customers for the following reasons at https://LawnGreen.com.au/Why-Choose-Our-Lawn-Care-Service/

If you need new turf (including complete soil preparation, turf supply and installation) whether its any one of the many Aussie Buffalo grasses or any other grasses like Couch, Kikuyu and Zoysia then give these guys a call at https://lawnsolutionsaustralia.com.au/ or https://www.myhometurf.com.au/

Whether you engage a Lawn Care Service like ours or not it is really important to look after your lawn properly. You can save yourself a lot of grief by downloading our 1 Page Lawn Care Cheat Sheet at https://LawnGreen.com.au/The-Lawn-Lovers-Cheat-Sheet-the-complete-1-page-Lawn-Guide/

Couch Lawn Care – Lots Of Luck With Your Lawn!