What Is The Best Fertiliser Spreader: Kitchen Colander Versus Pro Handheld Spreader

When it comes to spreading fertiliser on the lawn we thought we had seen it all! 1. Spreading Fertiliser With A Kitchen Colander             2. Spreading Fertiliser With A Pro Hand Held Spreader             We recommend the 2nd option any day (or night)!!

Top 7 Mistakes Made By Landscapers And Garden Designers When Installing And Caring For Their Lawns

Top 7 Mistakes Made By Landscapers and Garden Designers when Installing and Caring for their Lawns Installing The Wrong Turf Grass Unaware of Turf Grass varieties that can make their Landscape Projects shine Unsure how to care for all the different Turf Grass varieties Being Jack Of All Trades and Master of None (In)Correct Lawn…