Army Worm

Army Worm is the singular of Army Worms, gee I'm clever.   But seriously, if you spot one [Army Worm] then it's a good chance that there are a lot of these army worms hidden under the grass (in the thatch). Normally, the [Army Worms] come out at night to forage on the leaves of the grass or the lawn, and in the daytime they usually hide in the thatch of the grass.   Besides getting ... [Continue Reading]

Army Grubs

Army Grubs, aka Army Worms, are known by their botanical name as Spodoptera mauritia.   As you can see in the photo, the army worms (hatch from the eggs of moths) and their food source is the grass. These caterpillars forage on the lawn overnight and hide during the daytime.   Two (2) things need to be done urgently when you see the lawn has been damaged. They are: 1. Treat the lawn ... [Continue Reading]

Army Grub Control

Army Grub, also known as Army Worm, can have a devastating impact on your lawn overnight.   As soon as you see they have damaged your lawn you need to act quickly doing the following two (2) things: Firstly, apply a safe and effective insect control product to all lawn areas. With the right product you will get a complete kill on the army worms overnight. These insect control products ... [Continue Reading]

Army Grub

You know you have a problem with Army Grub, or better known as Army Worm, when your lawn looks like it has come off second best with a lawn mower.   Army Worm is also known by its  technical or botanical name Spodoptera mauritia.   The adult of the Army Worm is a moth which lays its eggs which later hatch into the larvae, or caterpillar, in this case. Army Grub (or Army Worm) damage ... [Continue Reading]

Video Testimonials – Lawn Green Lawn Care

LawnGreen's success is a result of our happy customers recommending their family and friends to us! Please have a look at our Video Testimonials and see what our happy customers have to say about LawnGreen. George Rosenstein, from Bellevue Hill, NSW, Australia, compliments LawnGreen on it's punctuality in regard to "arriving on time" as promised. Also, George was very happy in seeing his weeds ... [Continue Reading]

Sir Walter Weed Control and How To Care for your Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Sir Walter Weed Control can be carried out effectively if the Lawn Carer understands some basics of Lawn Turf Grasses and available Lawn Care products. Sir Walter, Australia’s most popular and best selling Buffalo Turf grass, is highly regarded as a recreational (warm season) turf grass not just for its aesthetic good looks but also for its high tolerance of herbicides registered for the control ... [Continue Reading]

Kikuyu Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips for lawn mowing contractors, landscapers and home owners – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Kikuyu Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips Kikuyu Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips are a must for lawn mowing contractors, landscapers and home owners. Kikuyu Grass, like a lot of recreational turf grasses, is classified as a Warm Season turf. Warm Season grasses are different to Cool Season grasses in the way they grow. Cool Season grasses are plants that grow from seed with a single stem. These ... [Continue Reading]

St Augustine Grass Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips for landscapers and home owners – Lawn Green Lawn Care

St Augustine Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips are important to keep in mind if you are a home owner, lawn mowing contractor or landscaper. St Augustine turf is one of many different turf or grass varieties on the market. St Augustine lawn (otherwise known as Buffalo turf in Australia) is scientifically known as Stenotaphrum secundatum. There are many varieties marketed in both North America and ... [Continue Reading]

Weed Killers for Lawns – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Weed Killers for Lawns - we have talked about this at Lawn Herbicides and Selective Herbicides for Lawns.  If You want more information about Caring for Your Lawn, please register for our Free Report on "The 5 Secrets To A Great Looking Lawn" - or call the Lawn Expert on 1300 55 74 72 now for a FREE QUOTE to be on Your way to a Lush, Beautiful and Greener Weed free lawn. ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Pests including Weeds, Fungal Disease and Insects – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Lawn Pests is the broad name given that covers all sorts of weeds, fungal diseases and insects that cause grief to lawn turf grasses. Weeds in lawns (and gardens for that matter) include all plants that are considered undesirable to the lawn or garden area. Basically a weed is considered to be an unwanted plant (and nuisance) that finds its way in to any environment including lawns, gardens, ... [Continue Reading]