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Cheat Sheet – The Complete 1 Page Lawn Guide

Cheat Sheet by LawnGreen – The Complete 1 Page Lawn Guide – for Homeowners and Lawn Lovers When it comes to Lawn Care – the right knowledge is everything! Here’s the Complete 1 page Lawn Guide to knowing everything you need for a great looking lawn. 1. First rule is “toss the RAKE out”. 2….

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The Lawn Expert Sydney For Greener Weed Free Lawns

The Lawn Expert Sydney intro: “G’day, it’s The Lawn Expert here.” If you have seen me on Youtube you will have heard me say “G’day, it’s the Lawn Expert here” a thousand times         I have been pretty active on social media and have been creating a lot of content for our…

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The Lawn Doctor Sydney – Lawn Problems For Lawn Lovers

The Lawn Doctor Sydney helps to solve problems faced by Lawn Lovers. In the course of our business of Weed and Feed Lawn Care, we get to see many lawn and turf situations. Not surprisingly, we also get to see many frustrated home owners who just cannot get it right with there lawn. This frustration…

Summer Lawn Care For Lawn Lovers In Lawn Paradise In Best Country In The World Here In Australia

Summer’s coming, time to re-set the thinking for lawn care.   Things to do: Mow each week with a catcher, mulching is for fraudsters Mow lawn 25-30 mm high If no rain for a week, water the lawn for 1 hour No raking, see link to our cheat sheet in our profile for explanation Always…

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ST26 Buffalo Grass And Why You Should Avoid It

ST26 Buffalo Grass – Even this website review of ST26 Buffalo Grass was scathing! So how can we be sure of Buffalo QUALITY?? Simple, just make sure you buy one of the Aussie Buffalos like Sir Walter Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo, Kings Pride, Matilda etc.   The ST Buffalo varieties (including ST26, ST85 & ST91) are…