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Turf Supplies Sydney

Turf Supplies Sydney – we can recommend the following turf suppliers from Freemans Reach, Windsor, west of Sydney located on the Hawkesbury River:

  1. GreenerLawn.com.au
  2. GreenLifeTurf.com.au
  3. GreenwayTurf.com.au

Please call one of these turf suppliers, they are all good operators – we have have referred many lawn lovers to them over the last 20 years or more.

What you need to ask of them is a quote for the removal of old turf, soil preparation and turf supply and installation. The turf supplier will be able to recommend a turf grass variety that will suit your local conditions. The main thing you need to keep in mind is how much shade will fall on the lawn, now and down the track in years to come. The different grasses available include Buffalo, Tif Tuf Bermuda Couch, Sir Grange Zoysia, Kikuyu, and a few other grass types. The main grass variety sold in Australia is Buffalo grass and it accounts for around 70% to 75% of all sales Australia wide. Note: Whatever you do avoid the American ST Buffalo varieties – refer to LawnGreen’s Buffalo Lawn Care Protocol for more info.

If you wouldn’t mind telling the turf supplier LawnGreen referred them to you. All the best with new new lawn, and any time you need a hand with the ongoing Lawn Care please call us again.

Turf Supplies Sydney


LawnGreen’s Sydney Lawn Care Service is very popular amongst its customers for the following reasons at https://LawnGreen.com.au/Why-Choose-Our-Lawn-Care-Service/

If you need new turf (including complete soil preparation, turf supply and installation) whether its any one of the many Aussie Buffalo grasses or any other grasses like Couch, Kikuyu and Zoysia then give these guys a call at https://lawnsolutionsaustralia.com.au/ or https://www.myhometurf.com.au/

Whether you engage a Lawn Care Service like ours or not it is really important to look after your lawn properly. You can save yourself a lot of grief by downloading our 1 Page Lawn Care Cheat Sheet at https://LawnGreen.com.au/The-Lawn-Lovers-Cheat-Sheet-the-complete-1-page-Lawn-Guide/

Turf Supplies Sydney