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Having trouble with your lawn…then you have come to the right place! We can help you on your way to a greener, weed free lawn – where we can control all those weed nasties like clover, bindii, dandelions, winter grass and so on. If your lawn problems include getting smashed every summer by curl grub…

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How To Kill Winter Grass – Lawn Green Lawn Care

How To Kill Winter Grass: Wintergrass, or winter grass, as the name suggests, is a weed that comes about in the Winter. Germination of winter grass seeds generally occurs in Autumn (or Fall as Autumn is referred to in North America), and the Wintergrass plant becomes well established with the help of regular rainfall. For…

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Kurnell Curse: What Weed Is That? – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Kurnell Curse, also known as Pennywort, is the Common Name for this weed in Australia. Its Botanical Name is Hydrocotyle bonariensis, and it is a weed commonly found in sandy soils along coastal areas. Kurnell Curse was first noticed around the coast of Venezuela on an island called Bonaria. This Australian weed is found in…

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Kikuyu Lawn Care – Lawn Green Lawn Care – Sydney

Kikuyu Lawn Care – Kikuyu and Couch (also known as Bermuda grass in the North American continent) turf grasses are commonly used in playing fields and sports field situations. Homeowners are unaware of the reasons behind this and we will give a simple and detailed explanation. We need to understand there are two (2) broad…

Lawn Insect Control | Lawn Problems | Weed Control

Lawn Problems and Solutions for Home Owners and Landscapers

There are many issues with Lawn and Turf grasses that will present themselves as major concerns to the home owner, builders, landscapers and garden maintenance contractors. Broadly these issues (lawn problems) will include lawn insect damage, drought stress damage, damage caused by fungal disease and damage (unwittingly) caused by the person caring for the lawn….

Lawn Problems | Weed Control

Selective Herbicides For Lawns – Lawn Green Lawn Care

When we talk about Herbicides for lawns, you need to understand the difference between selective and non-selective turf herbicides. This difference is quite important considering your lawn can suffer drastic consequences with the application of the wrong herbicide on your lawn. The number of times we have heard people, mostly home owners and some landscaper professionals, applying Roundup…

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Dead Patches In Your Lawn – Lawn Green Lawn Care

You would normally enjoy a lawn that is Lush and Green all year round. Unfortunately, nature can have other things in mind like dead patches in the lawn rather than a Lush Green Lawn. Dead Patches in the Lawn could be a result of any of the following: dead patches in your turfgrass could be a…

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Lawn Doctor Sydney – Lawn Care by Lawn Green

Lawn Doctor Sydney – If you are struggling to get the best out of Your Lawn, then You have come to the right place! The best way to enhance your home is with a regular Lawn Treatment Program. One of your property’s prominent features is the lawn and turfed areas. With minimal investment, the lawn areas can be…

Lawn Insect Control | Lawn Problems | Weed Control

Common Lawn Problems (and Solutions) Faced By Homeowners

In the course of our business of Weed and Feed Lawn Care, we get to see many lawn and turf situations. Not surprisingly, we also get to see many frustrated home owners who just cannot get it right with there lawn. This frustration stems from some of the following lawn situations: dying or dead lawn areas under…