Top Dressing Your Lawn – Lawn Top Dressing

Top Dressing Your Lawn – How to Top Dress Your Lawn Correctly

How To Top Dress Your Lawn: Slow day today as we come into a few days of very wet weather – so thought I would shoot a quickie video of a client’s lawn here in Cherrybrook NSW (in The Hills District – North West of Sydney) in Autumn.

Top 6 Top Dressing Tips:

  1. The client decided to top dress his lawn just prior to Winter – this is a big mistake as the weeds and weed seeds will have fun germinating in the exposed soil
  2. We don’t like using either topdressing soil or turf underlay as they go hard in the summer sun, making it difficult for the grass to travel through
  3. We love River Sand. River sand is the best top dressing medium for grass to grow through! In fact, you can buy river sand by the 20 kg bag (for around $20) from Bunnings or any garden centre.
  4. Only topdress the lawn where there are divots. There is no need to topdress the whole lawn – this is completely unnecessary for the home lawn!
  5. Lastly, only carry out topdressing in the warmer months between November to March when the grass is growing quickly to cover the river sand patches.
  6. Besides fixing the undulations in the lawn there is no benefit in top dressing the lawn. There is nil therapeutic benefit and for that matter the nutrients in the soil are minimal, and best to stick with a good professional fertiliser to feed up lawn

Top Dressing Your Lawn

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Top Dressing Your Lawn