Best Lawn Fertiliser For Your Lawn And Turf Areas

Best Lawn Fertiliser – Another Buffalo lawn here in West Pennant Hills looking good.   Now is the time, especially with all this rain, to spread some granular fertiliser (with an NPK of around 22:0:5) around your lawn.   For the Best Lawn Fertiliser you should apply a good well balanced granular fertiliser 4 times…

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Cheat Sheet – The Complete 1 Page Lawn Guide

Cheat Sheet by LawnGreen – The Complete 1 Page Lawn Guide – for Homeowners and Lawn Lovers When it comes to Lawn Care – the right knowledge is everything! Here’s the Complete 1 page Lawn Guide to knowing everything you need for a great looking lawn. 1. First rule is “toss the RAKE out”. 2….

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ST26 Buffalo Grass And Why You Should Avoid It

ST26 Buffalo Grass – Even this website review of ST26 Buffalo Grass was scathing! So how can we be sure of Buffalo QUALITY?? Simple, just make sure you buy one of the Aussie Buffalos like Sir Walter Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo, Kings Pride, Matilda etc.   The ST Buffalo varieties (including ST26, ST85 & ST91) are…

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Sir Grange Zoysia Lawn – For Home Situations – Sydney

Sir Grange Zoysia Lawn is an outstanding turf grass for all home situations. Sir Grange Zoysia has many qualities that make it a good all rounder and high performance grass. Here are some snaps of a St Ives (North Shore of Sydney) NSW client with their brand new Sir Grange Zoysia (installed around late 2020):…

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Onion Weed Killer With Duke Herbicide

Onion Weed Killer – here is a great article on how to 100% control onion weed in lawns using an excellent post emergent herbicide called Duke. If you are serious about controlling Onion Weed then the only way to eradicate it (selectively and effectively) from your lawn is with Duke Herbicide (a great and inexpensive…

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Onion Weed Control With Bayer’s Destiny Herbicide Sydney

Onion Weed Control in lawns is a challenge for the Home owner and Lawn Lover. However, total Onion Weed Control With Destiny Herbicide (a Bayer herbicide product) is achievable. Bayer’s Destiny is a wonderful herbicide product that targets and selectively removes Onion Weed, Onion Grass and a few other broad leaf weeds (including oxalis &…

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Onion Grass Control With Destiny Herbicide Made By Bayer

Onion Grass Control – this article looks at how to get rid of Onion Grass in most warm season grasses. In the video below we take a look at [Onion Grass] – also known as [Guildford Grass] just so you can see what is looks like and what you need to control or eradicate it…

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Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn – Looking After Your Lawn In Spring

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn – We are enjoying the improvement we are making to lawns like this Sir Walter Buffalo in the leafy suburb of Wahroonga here in Sydney. Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn like any of the other 10 or so Aussie Buffalo varieties is a great performer and as you can see pulls out…