Kings Pride Buffalo Lawn Care Progress Update

How good is this?

A Beecroft NSW customer of ours got us in last July 2020 (7 months ago) to help rejuvenate his Kings Pride Buffalo lawn.

Over 7 months the lawn has made it’s way back to its crowning glory.

Mind you, with a little bit of education on the cultural maintenance practices side of things and our Lawn Care service, the lawn has responded very well.




A couple of quick cultural practice tips are:

  1. Never use a rake on your lawn
  2. If lawn is covered with leaves / debris then mow lawn each week with a catcher
  3. For more tips go to

One last thing, if you are asking “why not just re-turf”, the answer is LawnGreen’s service at around $800 per year versus brand new turf installed for $3,000 – $5,000 depending on where you shop around.