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How To Kill Winter Grass:

Wintergrass, or winter grass, as the name suggests, is a weed that comes about in the Winter. Germination of winter grass seeds generally occurs in Autumn (or Fall as Autumn is referred to in North America), and the Wintergrass plant becomes well established with the help of regular rainfall. For a close up on WinterGrass in action go to our WinterGrass VIDEO.

Winter grass (its common name), or Poa annua (its botanical name), is a prolific weed. Winter grass has little problem establishing itself in the healthiest of lawns and turf grasses.

Wintergrass can be controlled with chemical and cultural weed control methods.

Good Cultural methods of lawn care include appropriate watering (in the warmer seasons) to establish a healthy thick lawn. It is important to maintain a regular programme of lawn mowing (with a grass catcher to collect all clippings to minimize the spread of weed seeds). Regular lawn mowing will include weekly mowing in the Summer months (to improve the turf density and thickness), and gradually to a less frequent four (4) weekly mowing frequency in Winter. The temptation is not to mow at all in the Winter, but this should be resisted as the mowing will also minimize the growth and spread of winter grass seeds and flowers.

poaannua Good Chemical methods of lawn care will include lawn fertilization (using organic and inorganic fertilisers), chemical weed control using both pre-emergent and post emergent weed control herbicides.

Wintergrass infestations in kikuyu turf areas cannot be controlled by post-emergent herbicides as these herbicides will damage the desirable kikuyu turf. Winter grass in kikuyu may be tolerated as the plant colours are very similar. The colour of winter grass compared with Buffalo and Couch is markedly different and therefore very noticeable.

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