How To Get Rid Of Parramatta Grass In Your Lawn – Best Solution

We started work on this Couch lawn (Cynodon dactylon) at Roseville Public School (North Shore of Sydney NSW) around 3 months ago (on 29th September 2020).             You can see Parramatta Grass in the foreground. There is quite an infestation of Parramatta Grass throughout the 1500 square metres of grass here. Since starting 3 months ago we have fertilised heavily and controlled the winter weeds and the lawn has recovered nicely, however, our next big challenge is getting rid of the Parramatta Grass. Note: There are no selective herbicides that can take out Parramatta Grass from Turf Grasses. The only herbicide that can effectively kill Parramatta Grass is Glyphosate (Roundup). In the meantime I advised the School Maintenance Manager to mow the lawn regularly (it is Summer now) and as it is couch grass told him to keep it mowed short to keep the Parramatta Grass down. As the Christmas school holidays started around the 18th December 2020 we decided to take action 2 days ago as we have 6 weeks before school resumes again. Action taken includes:
  1. Fill up Weeding Wand/Brushes with 1/2 Glyphosate, 1/4 Water, 1/4 Blue Dye
  2. Make contact with Parramatta Grass weed with Weed Wand
  3. As you can see in photos we know where we have been as we are using Blue Dye
            As you can imagine there will be a lot of dead spots on the lawn, but we are reasonably confident that we should have full recovery by 6 weeks when school resumes.