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Mushrooms In Lawns And How To Get Rid Of Them

Mushrooms In Lawns and How To Get Rid Of Them – for starters, Mushrooms are usually a sign of healthy soil, so best not to get in a panic.

A few facts about Mushrooms In Lawns.

Mushrooms tend to thrive in the following conditions:

  1. Damp, moist soil especially after repeated and sustained rain events – damp and moist environment
  2. Rich organic matter in soil, that is, leaves, mulch, grass clippings and so on
  3. Warm, humid and wet weather

Mushrooms In Lawns

How to Control Mushroom Activity in lawns? The short answer is you cannot eliminate mushoom activity, however, you can reduce the chances of mushroom activity by the following:

  1. decrease shade areas in lawns
  2. aerate lawns to improve air flow in soil profile and help water to move through soil profile
  3. reduce lawn irrigation and watering – go to https://LawnGreen.com.au/lawn-watering-and-irrigation-nil-watering-for-your-lawn-over-winter/
  4. don’t mow clippings back into lawn – that is, use a catcher on mower to catch all lawn clippings – the lawn clippings only add to oragnic matter in the soil and this is beneficial for mushrooms
  5. don’t over fertilise your lawn
  6. remove old tree stumps, roots and decaying organic matter in lawn soil
  7. remove mushrooms with a rake to break off stems to improve lawn appearance

Benefits of mushrooms include:

  1. Even though fungal lawn diseases can damage lawn grasses, mushrooms and toadstools actually help with the breakdown of organic matter in your lawn’s soil – making the lawn soil richer in nutrients..
  2. The root systems of mushrooms also benefit the lawn’s soil, as they help the soil retain water and moisture.

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Mushrooms In Lawns and how to get rid of them – Lots of Luck with your lawn!