How To Get Rid Of Kurnell Curse In Your Lawn

Kurnell Curse aka Pennywort is a tough weed to control in lawns unless you know what herbicide to use.             Kurnell Curse can be found in lawns across Sydney, however, it mostly thrives on coastal areas. In particular you will see lots of Kurnell Curse (scientific name – Hydrocotyle bonariensis) in sand dunes along beaches and is commonly used as an erosion control plant in the sand dunes. Kurnell Curse can be controlled by using:

  1. Roundup (glyphosate) – however this is a non selective herbicide and will kill all plant matter including the Kurnell Curse
  2. Selective lawn herbicides like Indigo Specialty’s Contra M Duo – – this product containsDicamba which is the active constituent of the herbicide that targets and kills Kurnell Curse