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Garden Pest Control – Pest Spraying Services

Garden Pest Control – Pest Spraying Services for Insect Pests damaging your garden plants and hedges (plus we also look after roses, lilly pillys, camellias, hibiscus and so on)

The following 3 photographs show different Lilly Pilly plants and hedges infested with sap sucking insects like pysllids and scale.

Garden Pest Control

Garden Pest Control Garden Pest Control




The following photograph shows a Camellia Sasanqua hedge ravaged by a Grey Weevil & Scale infestation.

Garden Pest Control


We can help eliminate the Grey Weevil population, Scale, Pysllids etc using chemical means (ie using systemic and surface insecticides), however, you should also apply the principles of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to get a long and sustainable lasting result. IPM includes using both non chemical and chemical means of pest control where the chemical approach is the last resort.

Successful Management of a garden insect pest problem includes:

  1. Removing the insect problem by shaking shrubs and plants to allow defoliating pest insects to fall to ground, then raking up all leaf and debris matter and removing all the debris and pest insects from site (it is really important to remove contaminated debris from site). This should be a monthly garden maintenance event.
  2. Before shaking shrubs/hedges, you will need to cut hedge down to 1.5 metres high. This is really important as it will allow us to spray insecticides into the inside of hedge including branches where the scale resides.
  3. Fertilising shrubs and plants to help improve plant health
  4. Fertilise with combination of organic and inorganic fertilisers
  5. Correct watering regime for garden plants to assist plant health
  6. Spray all plant matter with insecticides including the active ingredients of Bifenthrin (a very effective surface insecticide controlling surface insects – we recommend Indigo Specialty Products Rumbler insecticide) and Imidacloprid (this insecticide controls insects including psyllids in lilly pillys – we recommend Indigo’s Recruit for systemic control)
  7. Apply Initiator Tablets (by Bayer) with active ingredient of 200g/Kg Imidacloprid to root zone of affected plants – the chemical is absorbed into the plant via the roots making it a really effective way to control African black beetle, Chrysomelid leaf beetle, Psyllid, Gum tree scale, Heteronyx spring beetle, Aphid, Mealybug, Scale, Azalea lace bug etc
  8. All the above products are available to professional Lawn Care operators and professional Gardening companies.
  9. Best results occur with 3 monthly repeat treatments with the above Insecticide products.




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Garden Pest Control – Lawn Treatment Sydney