Why does grass loose its colour in winter?

Australian lawns and turf grasses loose their colour when the winter sun drops lower in the sky.

With less sunlight energy your grass produces less chlorophyl, hence there is less photosynthesising going on, and so your lawn stops growing (as much as in summer) and loses its colour.

A good tip is to mow your lawn higher over winter: the greater surface area of lawn leaves allows for more photosynthesis (and therefore the lawn turf retains more green colour than usual) in spite of less sunlight hours.

Understanding this process helps to time feeding in anticipation of Winter dormancy and also indicates when Spring feeding can be best timed to help the grass bounce into another growing season. All in all it means a more durable and better looking turf.

Another point to consider is that all warm season turf grasses loose some or a lot of their green colour after a couple of good frosts. This occurs more so inland from the coastal areas of Australia.

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