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core-aerator1When To Core Lawns is a question often asked by lawn lovers and contractors.

Lawn coring or lawn aeration is useful when your lawn is struggling to perform at its best.

Lawn aeration can be performed with different tools that give different results. The best results are achieved by physically removal of plugs of soil from the lawn soil.

Lawn aeration is at its best when using a lawn coring machine. The process of removing cores of soil from the ground helps to relieve soil compaction and also improves the flow of air, water and fertilizer nutrients through the soil and turf root zone.

Note: Have a look at this Lawn Situation where it clearly shows a soil compacted lawn that is in desperate need of Lawn Coring Aeration.

Lawn coring machines (for small lawn areas) are usually self-propelled walk behind machines with a series of hollow tynes that remove plugs of soil from the ground.

These plugs of soil, around 10 millimetres wide and 50 millimeters long, are removed from the ground and are best being raked from the lawn in order to give the soil profile a better chance of breathing. If you are getting a contractor to do this for you make sure the lawn areas have been heavily watered to ensure easy removal of soil plugs.

After lawn coring, you can help to improve the porosity of the soil by adding a layer of river sand. This high “sand content” soil should be spread over all the area that has been cored. By doing this you are filling the lawn core holes with more porous material (that is, the river sand).

Any lumps or bumps in the lawn can be leveled out by raising the soil level with a shovel full of river sand. We recommend river sand for top dressing as it does not go hard in the summer heat.

The correct timing for lawn coring and the spreading of top dressing river sand is in the warmer months (in the case of warm season lawn grasses). The action of lawn coring increases the flow of air through the soil and so there is a risk of the soil drying out. Therefore, you need to make sure the lawn is well watered until the grass has grown through .

Lawn coring should be carried out each year (and more often in the case of high traffic lawn areas like sports fields and school ovals) to relieve soil compaction. In these high traffic lawn areas, the lawn should be fertilized regularly and sprayed for weeds to ensure healthy lawn growth.

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