Sir Walter Buffalo versus Couch Turf

In this video I have filmed a customer’s front lawn and nature strip.

The nature strip lawn is couch grass (otherwise known as Bermuda Grass in America). It is typical of Couch to lose its green colour in winter, and more so after a couple of heavy frosts. The colour does bounce back to its normal green colour in Spring.

However, the turf grass in the front yard (on the right hand side of the Couch grass is Buffalo Turf (aka St Augustine turf grass in America).

This Buffalo turf, in particular, is Sir Walter Buffalo – I know this because I told the customer it was the best. Why the best? Apart from its nice green colour (even through Winter) Sir Walter Buffalo grass is tolerant of all the herbicides recommended for Buffalo grass. There are some Buffalo grasses including ST26, ST85 and ST 91 that suffer badly when sprayed with Bromoxynil. So, when people ask me what is the best Buffalo to get I tell them to consider nothing but Sir Walter. For a quick graphic picture of Sir Walter in action go to our Sir Walter Buffalo VIDEO.

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