Palmetto Buffalo Green Lawn With A Professional Lawn Spraying Service

Ahh don’t you love Dorothy sitting up there “proud as punch” with her beautiful Palmetto Buffalo [Green Lawn]. So proud she had her photo taken with the lawn!


You need a professional [Lawn Spraying Service] when looking after Palmetto Buffalo.

Several reasons why:

  1. Palmetto Buffalo, although an American variety like the ST Buffalo grasses, is tolerant of most Australian herbicides registered for use on Buffalo grasses
  2. You still need to test spray all new Buffalo lawns that you acquire as new customers
  3. Palmetto Buffalo is very touch-y with Monument herbicide whereas (we have found) that if spraying a couch lawn with some Aussie Buffalo in it there is minimal damage (mostly discolouration)
  4. Although Palmetto performs reasonably well, I tend to favour the Australian Buffalo grasses as they hold their own in most situations and apart from everything else I would prefer to “Buy Australian”