Lawn Green – More Lawn Care Tips (as heard on the 2UE Gardening Show on the 8th January, 2005)

With good lawnmowing technique you prevent and minimise lawn thatch buildup. Lawn thatch is dead plant material buildup, and is a breeding ground for disease, fungus and pest insects.

  1. By using a cylinder mower you automatically prevent thatch buildup.
  2. With a rotary mower it is important to mow the lawn in one direction one week, then in the opposite direction the next week, then we mow 90 degrees the next week, and so on. If you have a lawnmowing contractor mowing your lawn pass this handy tip on.

Fertilising tips for your lawn:

  1. Resist the temptation to over feed the lawn as this can promote lawn thatch buildup. As always follow the product label’s instructions.
  2. Your lawn will respond beautifully to a “feed” followed by some nice rain. After a drop of rain, (on the allowed watering days) give your lawn a heavy soak to compound the effect of the rain in the previous days. That is, to help the water to soak deeply to the turf grass roots.
  3. Use granular slow release fertilisers. These are best for a consistent green appearance for three months to the next treatment. The drawback with “spray on fertilisers” is they tend to give a sudden burst of colour that is only short lived.
  4. Leave the sulphate of ammonia in the shed. Sure this greens up the lawn but only encourages poor root development and growth.

So, for a lush, beautiful and greener weed free lawn,

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