Lawn Irrigation And Watering – Lawn Care with Lawn Green

Dear Lawn Lover, the quick heads up on Watering Your Lawn is here!

No doubt you have heard us talk about Heavy But Infrequent Watering for Your Lawns.

And you can see more about this if you refer to the following pages of our website at and

With Heavy Watering you are encouraging deep turf root growth, and with a deep root system you get Drought Tolerance. Now this Heavy But Infrequent Watering is actually mimicked by our rainfall (in Australia – except for the mid to late Summers, where we do have some really Hot and Dry spells!).

OK, so we normally tell you to roll up that hose and just enjoy Your Lawn, however, there are a couple of occasions where you do need to water your lawn areas.

These couple of situations include:

  1. those periods of Hot and Dry weather in mid to late summer, and

  2. if your lawn soil profile is quite shallow

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