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Lawn Grubs Australia including Curl Grub and Army Worm – Lawn Green Lawn Care

army wormLawn Grubs in Australia are commonly named (in the vernacular) as such when referring to different lawn eating insects.

The different lawn eating insects include:

  1. those that consume the leaves of lawn turf grasses and other desirable host plants, and
  2. those that target the root systems of lawn turf grasses and other host plants including ornamental plants

The Lawn Pests that target the lawn grass itself include leaf eating caterpillars such as lawn armyworm and sod web worm. Other pests that may also damage (in different ways) the lawn leaves include couch mite and bill bug (a weevil insect).

Damage to the root systems of plants and lawn turf grasses is mainly caused byCurl Grub (which is the juvenile form of Black Beetle).

Curl Grub (also known as White Curl Grub, cockchafer or scarab beetle larvae) is a larvae of the Black Beetle. The larvae or grub is not a caterpillar (like the army worm) but is the larvae of whatever the scarab beetle is. These scarab beetles include Christmas beetle, Black Beetle, etc.

Curl Grub plague populations (that is, problem infestations) in lawns are when there is damage caused by turf grass root feeding. This damage becomes evident in the ensuing summer hot dry periods around Christmas and after (in Australia). The lawn damage is manifested by dead lawn patches where the dead grass is pulled out easily. Plague populations of curl grub are reported and regarded as being 25 curl grubs or more per square metre of lawn surface area. Only one generation of Curl Grubs is produced per year, however, you will find different larval stages correlating to time of the beetles’ egg laying.

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