Lawn Makeover For A New Lawn Care Service Client In Schofields, NSW, Australia

We started a new job in Schofields (a North Western suburb of Sydney) last week.

Main Issues (in video below) with this Couch Lawn (aka Bermuda Grass in North America) include:

  1. Weeds to be eradicated include clover, oxalis, bindii, dandelions etc and a few grassy weeds including paspalum, pigeon grass etc)
  2. Dead patches along the driveway where home owner was trying to kill driveway weeds with Roundup (glyphosate) and the poison drifted across to the lawn edge killing the couch along driveway edge.
  3. Some areas where grass is struggling, we have fertilised these areas with a double or triple dose to help speed up lawn recovery.

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