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herbicideLawn Herbicides are used by homeowners, contractors and property managers to help control and manage weeds in lawns and turf grass areas.

Most lawn herbicides – by their very nature – are selective in the weeds they control.

So, herbicides (weedicides) can be grouped into two (2) main groups being Selective Herbicides and Non-Selective Herbicides.

Selective weedicides are those chemicals that are used to target particular weeds in specific turf grasses. Hence, weedicides used to selectively remove post-emergent weeds from lawn areas (without harming the desirable plant, that is, the turf grass) are referred to as Selective Herbicides. It is really important to follow the labels of the different products available to selectively remove post-emergent weeds from lawns. The product labels reveal what weeds can be targeted, and at what rate the chemical is to be applied over the lawn area. Homeowners and contractors can come to grief if the herbicide is applied at a heavier rate than recommended.

Professional Contractors (in Australia, and licenced with the APVMA) have access to a great range of lawn herbicides that help produce and maintain beautiful green and weed free lawns.

Non-selective herbicides include those weedicides that kill or damage every plant it comes in contact with. Glyphosate, or otherwise known by the very popular brand name Roundup (from Monsanto), is a well known example of a non-selective herbicide. Another non-selective weedicide is a product called Oust (made by DuPont). Oust works in a different way in that it is a poison that when it is carried to the soil it sterilizes the soil for several months. The effect of Oust is to make it impossible for plants and plant seeds to survive in a soil that is poisoned.

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