Lawn Green’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Lawn Care

Q: In terms of shade tolerance how do the different turf grasses hold up?

A: On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is great shade tolerance and 1 is lousy, then kikuyu is rated 1, couch is rated 4, buffalo is rated say 7-8 and durban comes in at 9-10.


Q: What about turf grasses like Rye and Fescue, how do they handle shade?

A: Rye and Fescue handle the shade well, however, as a general lawn turf we caution against rye and fescue based purely on the fact that rye and fescue (both cool season grasses) require more watering.


Q: If I were to employ someone like Lawn Green to provide a weed and feed Lawn Care service to my lawn what can I expect?

A: A greener, weed free lawn most definitely. However, if our clients want the pristine look, they must be prepared to mow their lawn frequently and at the right height. Kikuyu, couch and buffalo can all handle being mowed around 30mm height.


Q: What is the best turf grass for me? Couch, Kikuyu or Buffalo?

A: Good question this one! To start with, regardless of the turf grass’s retail price, if you like the look of a particular turf grass then that is great. However, you do need to keep in mind the level of shade tolerance of each different turf grass. All the above turf grasses love full sun (or sunlight), however, the same cannot be said in relation to each turf grass’s tolerance of shade (or lack of sunlight). In order of capacity to withstand extended periods of shade, the best turf grass is buffalo, then couch, and last of all kikuyu. Kikuyu just hates shade!


Q: Tell me more about the different types turf grasses!

A: Basically, there are 2 broad categories of turf grasses. Cool season and warm season turf grasses.


Q: What are the different cool season grasses?

A: Rye and fescue.


Q: What are the different warm season grasses?

A: Kikuyu, couch, buffalo, durban, zoysia and others.


Q: How do we know whether your lawn needs aerating or coring?

A: We can just tell by the lawn turf’s condition, the thatch layer and degree of soil compaction.


Q: Why do we recommend hollow-tyne aeration, as opposed to spiking?

A: By virtue of hollow-tyne aeration, you are physically removing plugs of soil from the compacted soil. By removing the plugs of soil you allow air, water and nutrients to enter the soil and root zone, thereby allowing the turf grass root system (and turf) to develop more robustly.


Q: How often does the lawn need to be aerated?

A: Generally, Lawn Green carries out lawn aeration when needed. Many clients prefer us to incorporate the lawn aeration service in with the regular Lawn Care program.


Q: Why don’t you collect the soil cores or plugs like they do on the golf or bowling greens?

A: Cores left on a golf or bowling green interfere with play and, of course, the soil plugs and cores are removed. In regard to your own lawn, the soil plugs are left to disintegrate with subsequent mowings.


Q: Why is Lawn Green’s Lawn Care approach so special?

A: Lawn Green’s Lawn Care service is characterized by its reliance on granular fertilizer and granular insecticide products. Indeed, Lawn Green is focused on delivering its clients greener, weed free lawns with minimal herbicide and pesticide spraying. This service is known as the Dry Lawn Care method.


Q: What is outstanding or innovative about this service?

A: Lawn Green proudly utilises the Dry Lawn Care method when servicing its clients’ lawns. The aim of our Lawn Care system is to minimise the amount of herbicide spraying. It goes without saying that “less spraying is better”. So, by relying on granular products our Lawn Care system is safer around children, pets and plants. For example, in regard to plants, Lawn Green can guarantee its new clients (and existing ones, as well) zero plant damage as we minimize weed spraying. New clients have come on board with Lawn Green after experiencing negative results with other Lawn Care companies that apply their fertilizers and herbicides in liquid form.


Q: Why do people like this service?

A: When we are doing a Lawn Care quote for a prospect we explain to them that the aim of our Lawn Care system is to “minimize the amount of spraying that goes on”, and, “that it goes without saying that less spraying is better”. Without quantifying it, we say that over 50% of prospects are excited by getting greener weed free lawns with minimal spraying. In fact, one of our target markets is Landscapers. We quite often get comments from them they prefer us to do their Lawn Care as they do not want to get involved with chemicals.