Lawn Green Lawn Care and Granular Insect Control Treatment

Lawn Green’s approach to insect control is consistent with its Dry Lawn Care methodTM, where (as much as possible) all products applied to your lawn are in granular (solid) form.

Lawn Green’s insect control treatments are applied using a granular insect control product.

Lawn Green’s insect control is bullet proof!

The advantages (and benefits) of Lawn Green’s granular insect control over the LIQUID/spray-on insecticides (like Confidor and Baythroid) are:

1. Extremely fast knockdown of a broad range of target pests including the following foraging insects: stem weevil, bill bug, black beetle (and its larvae being curl grub), sodwebworm, armyworm and ants

2. Our product is not photo-degradable, that is, it does not break down in sunlight, and therefore, lasts longer in the turf profile and being effective for longer periods. Depending on the rate our granular product is applied, we can effectively knock out the target pests’ lifecycle and population

3. The active ingredient in our product (based on highly effective synthetic pyrethroid chemistry) has superceded the dangerous organophosphate insecticides that have become banned in the USA. Our granular product is safer for children, pets and plants

4. Where liquid insecticides must be applied in late afternoon (to reduce photo-degradation), our product can be applied anytime

5. As insect control is applied, we also “bomb” the lawn with additional straight fertilizer to assist in the turf’s recovery. So you can water the lawn immediately to activate the insecticide and fertilizer

6. Lawn Green’s insect control is bullet proof, and compared to replacing damaged turf it is cost effective