Lawn Dead Spots and Dead Patches in the Lawn – Lawn Green Lawn Care

grass patchesLawn Dead Spots and Dead Patches in the Lawn could be a result of many different things happening with your lawn.

Lawn Dead Spots could be caused by any of the following:

  1. Heat stress: With extended periods of dry and hot weather, you will find that lawn areas will tend to go straw coloured. This change in colour from a vibrant green to a straw colour is a sign that the grass is suffering from heat stress.
  2. Curl Grubs: Generally the Black Beetle (adult) lays its eggs in Spring, and when these eggs hatch into the Larvae (juvenile), the larvae is closest to the top of the soil. As always they are feeding on the grass root system, and the damage is greatest nearest the top of the soil. As summer approaches, the days become hot and dry, and as a result the grass suffers stress from the prolonged heat and lack of moisture. As the top layer of soil dries out, the grass dies where the roots have been severed.
  3. Army worm and cut worm: These little bastards wreak havoc on lawns usually just at the end of summer (especially here in Sydney, NSW, Australia) just prior to the weather cooling down. The damage can take some time to repair itself if the weather has cooled.
  4. Other insects like billbug, couch mite, etc
  5. Disease and Fungus: These are many and varied for the different turf grasses.
  6. Human Intervention: This has been known to happen where the home owner inadvertently sprays the lawn weeds with Glyphosate (this is the active constituent in Roundup).
  7. Other intervention: Dogs especially female dogs can urinate on the grass and dead patches could appear where the dog urine has killed off the grass.

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