Lawn Care Tips For Your Buffalo Lawn In Winter

This Kings Pride Buffalo lawn is a little worse for wear.

However, with our help, it will blossom in the next 2-3 months.






A few maintenance tips we have passed on to the owner include:

1. Never use a rake on the lawn (especially a Buffalo lawn) to remove leaves and debris as the the raking tears the runners out and weakens the grass. In particular, Buffalo grass only has above ground runners, ie stolons, making it more susceptible to damage with raking.

2. The fallen autumn and winter leaves if unattended create more shade for the Buffalo and further weakens it.

3. Always best to mow the lawn (with a catcher) to collect all clippings, leaves and debris. Some people are tempted to mulch all this back into the lawn, however, this can be detrimental depending on the type of tree leaves and quantity.

4. In Autumn & Winter, mow regularly and on a higher setting to increase the grass leaf’s surface area. With reduced sunlight hours, the grass is able to photosynthesise more so with greater surface area.