How To Turn A Basket Case In To A Beautiful Lush Green Lawn

You see weeds, we see potential !           Underneath this proliferation of weeds is Bermuda Couch / Green Couch (Cynodon dactylon) waiting for the right Lawn Care approach to help it survive and thrive. Very simply, we will:
  1. Fertilise all lawn areas heavily to take advantage of Summer growing season (especially this year with La Nina doing her stuff). With the fertilsation, the couch grass will over 4-6 weeks fill in, thicken up and go from a basket case to a lovely lush green lawn
  2. Directly after fertilising, selectively spray out all weeds with Javelin herbicide from Barmac – and Monument herbicide from Syngenta –
  3. Javelin and Monument can be simultaneously sprayed on top of each other on Green Couch as they are compatible, and this is convenient as it saves a trip back to the job.