How To Topdress Your Lawn

Don’t top dress your lawn until you read this! The best place for Turf Underlay is under the turf, not on top! Best to use RIVER SAND for filling in divots as river sand does not go hard in the summer sun. The reason we like River Sand is the grass runners can spread easily through river sand.
In the close up photo you will see (and imagine) how hard the topsoil (turf underlay) can get when it dries out in the Spring / Summer heat.
  • So make sure to topdress (only divots, not the whole lawn) with river sand
  • Topdress in warm season from November to March, so grass can grow through quickly
  • Not in Winter unless you like looking at river sand patches all winter
  • Only topdress 5 mm at a time, don’t bury the grass leaves
  • You can buy 20kg bags of river sand from Bunnings for around $20-$30