How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Buffalo Lawn

Buffalo lawn thriving here in Freshwater, Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW !







Did you know we can get rid of the following weeds from Buffalo Grass:

  1. Paspalum
  2. Kikuyu grass
  3. Summer Grass
  4. Crab Grass
  5. Nutgrass
  6. Mullumbimby Couch
  7. and all winter weeds

Pretty much that means all weeds !

Some of the products we use to help control the above list of weeds include:

  1. DSMA Clear by Barmac
  2. Javelin broadleaf weed herbicide by Barmac
  3. Sedgehammer (nutgrass) herbicide by Amgrow
  4. Poachek (wintergrass) herbicide by Campbell