How To Get Rid Of Barley Grass From Buffalo

Here is a new customer’s lawn in Roseville, NSW.
The main problem they are concerned with is the weed around the perimeter of the lawn.
We call it Barley Grass (not sure of the scientific name, some others call it Wild Oats).
We can look after the barley grass (aka wild oats) problem, however, there is no herbicide that will selectively control the barley grass without hurting the buffalo.
The long term solution is to wait for the barley grass to die out with the summer heat and our 3 monthly application of LawnGreen’s 2 in 1 fertiliser product (with pre-emergent herbicide coating) will prevent future germination of the barley grass seeds.
In the meantime, we would encourage the customer to mow the lawn regularly (with catcher, of course) to prevent the weed seeds from spreading.
The other (less preferred) option is to hand weed the barley grass.