How To Care For Your Tif Tuf Couch Lawn

A new customer at Wheeler Heights, Northern Beaches of Sydney with a Tif Tuf Couch lawn in need of some help. According to the customer, this new Tif Tuf Couch lawn was laid 2-3 years ago.
Last summer the couch lawn got hammered by Army Worm, and with the passing winter has been badly infested with a lot of broadleaf weeds and onion weed.
Over the next month we will get rid of these weeds with Javelin and Destiny respectively.
The plan of attack is to:
1. Fertilise with our 2 in 1 weed & feed fertiliser product – this will help the lawn green up and thicken up. At the same time the lawn will be protected with the pre-emergent herbicide coating on the fertiliser granules.
2. Today we have sprayed for all the broadleaf weeds with Javelin herbicide.
3. In the next week or so we will call by to spray for the onion weed with Destiny herbicide.