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Common Lawn Problems (and Solutions) Faced By Homeowners

In the course of our business of Weed and Feed Lawn Care, we get to see many lawn and turf situations. Not surprisingly, we also get to see many frustrated home owners who just cannot get it right with there lawn. This frustration stems from some of the following lawn situations:

  1. dying or dead lawn areas under or adjacent to pine trees, conifers and river she oaks
  2. dying or dead lawn areas under melaleuca trees and shrubs, jacaranda trees and so on
  3. weakened lawn areas as a result of raking leaves instead of mowing the affected areas with a Lawnmower (with Catcher!) – this is very important
  4. shade from trees and shade from fallen leaves

Today we will address the issue of under performing lawn areas under or adjacent to pine trees, conifer trees and river she oaks. Some lawns we come across are surrounded by rows of pine trees, conifer trees and / or river she oaks. The leaves (or more precisely, the needles) of these trees are full of acid. Over time as the pine tree needles fall to the ground and accumulate, the soil pH changes to a more acidic pH. The soil around these trees, being acidic, make it difficult for the Lawn and Turf grass to perform well.

Some homeowners become frustrated with the poorly performing lawn, and to make matters worse they use a Rake to collect and pick up all the pine tree needles. So the lawn has become weaker with the accumulation of pine tree needles, and then the lawn is torn apart by the raking.

The solution here is to remove the pine tree needles with regular mowing using a catcher to collect all the grass clippings and the pine tree needles. The frequency of mowing with a catcher (for the section of lawn affected by the acidic pine tree needles) is determined by your desire to improve the quality of the lawn. Generally, we recommend our customers to mow these areas weekly (all year round – or for as long as the pine trees are dropping there leaves) for optimum results.

So, for a lush, beautiful and greener weed free lawn, call the Lawn Expert on 1300 55 74 72 now!