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Lawn Maintenance Sydney – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance Sydney wide, in both, New South Wales, Australia and Kentucky, United States of America, share similar if not the same requirements for good Lawn Care. Lawn Maintenance around the world is basically the same depending on the type of turf grasses growing. The two (2) main types of turf grasses include Cool Season Turf grasses and Warm Season Turf grasses. Cool Season Turf grasses ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Mowing Tips and Watering Advice – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Lawn mowing tips and watering advice for a great looking lawn: Most home owners and lawn mowing contractors get a few of the basics wrong when it comes to looking after their lawns. Watering is one activity that is critical for the success of lawn and turf grassed areas. It is really important to understand the mechanics of different turf grasses to help you know how to water and mow lawns ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Mowing Tips – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Lawn mowing tips to help you on the way to a greener weed free lawn: There are a heap of useful tips to keep in mind when you are looking after your lawn. If you are starting out as a lawn care novice then you will want to keep the following tips in mind: Lawn mowing is a very basic but important requirement for a great looking lawn. Turf mowing should be a regular activity for homeowners ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Maintenance Sydney (in Australia or America) – Lawn Green Lawn Care Tips

Lawn maintenance and lawn mowing are skills that require knowledge of how high to cut different turf grasses. The following Lawn Care tips are useful whether you live in Sydney, NSW, Australia or Sydney, Kentucky, USA. The different types of turf grasses are broadly categorized as cool season turf grasses and warm season turf grasses. Cool season turf grasses include rye grass, fescue ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Mowing Sydney – Lawn Maintenance Tips – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing (in Sydney - Australia or America) your way to a greener and weed free lawn requires some basic knowledge of lawn care. The process of Lawn, Garden and property maintenance requires a skill set acquired with experience and time. The following Lawn Care tips are useful whether you live in Sydney, NSW, Australia or Sydney, Kentucky, USA. Lawn mowing as part of this mix of ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Aeration Benefits and What are the Best Lawn Aerators to use – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Why should we bother with Lawn Aeration? Lawn aeration is the most effective way of relieving a lawn of thatch and soil compaction. By punching lots of holes or removing cores of soil from the lawn, the aeration process removes thatch from the lawn surface and relieves soil compaction around the root zone. Your lawn will perform a wHOLE lot better after being aerated. Will your lawn ... [Continue Reading]

Aerating Your Lawn to promote Healthy Turf for Your Home – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Lawn Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn. Aeration opens the soil, helps reduce soil compaction, improves water infiltration, improves turf grass rooting, reduces thatch and acts in many other ways to improve the lawn and reduce stress. Lawn Aeration restores vitality to the soil. Lawn Core aeration can be used to minimize thatch ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Aerators, and what is the best Lawn Aerator to use – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Aeration and Aerating a Lawn area allows air flow through the soil by removing soil plugs from the ground using an aerator or coring machine. Aeration helps reduce soil compaction and thatch. Aeration allows for more efficient movement of water and fertiliser to the grass roots. A lawn can be aerated any time provided the soil has some moisture in it. That is, the lawn is best aerated ... [Continue Reading]

How To Aerate Your Lawn, and what is the best Lawn Aeration Equipment? – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Why Should We Worry about Lawn Coring and Lawn Aeration? Soils with a high percentage of clay become very hard and compacted. Also, sports and playing fields become compacted and worn out with intense regular use (high traffic). This makes it difficult for water, fertilizer, air and grass roots to penetrate into the soil. Also, Compaction can contribute to buildup of thatch. Lawn aeration (also ... [Continue Reading]

Lawn Aeration and Aerating The Lawn – Lawn Green Lawn Care

Why bother with Lawn Aeration anyway? Lawn and turf aeration is a very useful way to bring your turf grass back to life. If your grassed areas are suffering as a result of traffic and constant use, then they will benefit from having all the soil de-compacted using lawn aeration equipment. Lawn aeration is a broad based term that covers all forms of aerating lawns using different ... [Continue Reading]