Don Burke read this…You Can Control Broadleaf Weeds In Buffalo Lawns, Grass And Turf -especially Broadleaf Weed Control in Sir Walter and Palmetto Buffalo Lawns

Don Burke read this. . .you can control weeds in buffalo lawns (including Sir Walter and Palmetto Buffalo)! That’s right, you can control the likes of wintergrass, dandelions, clover, oxalis and other broadleaf weeds in buffalo (or the American equivalent being St Augustine) lawn turf grass.

If I “got a dollar” for every time somebody said they could not control weeds in their buffalo lawn grass, I’d be a rich man!

Yes Don, you can control weeds in buffalo lawns!

We can eliminate broadleaf weeds using safe and effective weed control agents. Other weeds may require a different approach but nothing is impossible.

Buffalo lawn (including Sir Walter buffalo turf) is a great turf grass for shady areas. These days we have solutions for the control of weeds in buffalo turf. Did you know we can even control kikuyu in a buffalo lawn?

Lawn Green’s Lawn Care is great for buffalo lawns as we rely on the DRY Lawn Care approach.

So, for a lush, beautiful and greener weed free lawn,

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  1. We have a large patch of kikuya in both sides of our back Sir Walter lawn. We have used a wand to Roundup it. It is now dead on top and I think the Sir Walter is too. What do we do now? We do not have close neighbours as we are on a 5 acre block just out of town so we have no idea how it has got into the lawn. My husband tells me we will never get rid of it but I am determined. Please help!!!

  2. Hi Diane, there are no herbicides that will selectively remove the kikuyu from the Sir Walter Buffalo grass. The best thing to do is to spray the affected area with Roundup (use timber strips to mark out the area, and spray everything inside), after 2-3 weeks replace the dead section with new Sir Walter turf rolls or sods.

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