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Battling [Army Worms In Lawn] – [Army Grub Control] [Dead Patches In Lawn] [Lawn Grubs] [Army Grubs]

Another “How To” video for Homeowners and Contractors – Battling [Army Worms In Lawn] – [Army Grub Control] [Dead Patches In Lawn] [Lawn Grubs] [Army Grubs] – uploaded to Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/YourLawnAndGarden on 19/2/2016.

For your Fact Sheet go to FACT-SHEET-BattlingTheArmyWorm.

Video Script

1) Gidday it’s the lawn expert.

2) Today I am at a customer’s lawn in Vaucluse, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The customer called me the day before complaining her lawn had been eaten out by army worm, she sent some photos direct to my iPhone, sure enough the damage was real and so were the (photos) of the army worms.

3) A few things with army worm damage. First, you need to treat the lawn areas with the right insecticides. Second, you need to fertilise the lawn and water the insecticide and fertilizer in. Third, you need to do these things ASAP especially if you are closing in on cooler weather. You need to take advantage of any warm weather for the grass to recover its nice green colour.

4) The back lawn around the pool is quite badly damaged.

5) The first thing we do is to mix up the 2 insecticides, Bifenthrin and Imidacloprid, into the backpack sprayer. These insecticides are compatible and can be sprayed in the 1 back pack sprayer.

6) The insecticide that does the damage to the army worm is Bifenthrin. This is an insecticide that targets all above ground insects like army worm, sod web worm, black beetle (and even ants in the lawn & in paved areas).

7) The Imidacloprid, the other insecticide, targets all the below ground insects mainly being the Curl Grub (this is the larvae of the Black Beetle). Since we are spraying for lawn insects we use both at the 1 time.

8) These insecticides are referred to by their Active Constituents’ names and the products we use are Professional Turf Products.

9) If you are a homeowner then you need to source the equivalent Retail products by matching the Active Constituents’ names with the turf insecticide product.

10) After applying the Bifenthrin you need to water the insecticide into the ground and the army worm will be history overnight. And you lawn should be good as gold within a couple of weeks of warm & wet weather.

11) Hope this helps you out.

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