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CommonArmyworm-Larva-500Army Worms in lawn areas are a real problem for lawn lovers.

Lawn army worm and Sod Web Worm are both leaf eating caterpillars that target lawn areas.

The problem here is not so much the eradication of this lawn insect pest…but the fact that the damage caused by lawn armyworm occurs at the tail end of summer when the lawn recovery is slow to no re-growth at all. Army worm generally attack lawns and turf grasses in the latter part of Summer and early Autumn. At this time of year in the temperate climates of Australia, turf recovery is very slow.

It is critical to respond quickly to an infestation of army worm (or sod web worm) with a safe and effective lawn insecticide similar to Brigade (an insecticidal product manufactured with the active constituent being Bifenthrin).

If Lawn Army Worm were to attack in mid summer, the problem would be minimal (and not so critical) as damaged turf grass re-growth would be quick.

In Australia, the common or vernacular name for army worm is Army Worm or Army Grub. The technical or scientific name for Lawn Army Worm is Spodoptera mauritia.

In Australia, army worm infestations occur mainly along coastal areas where the weather is wet and humid. Homeowners have reported their lawns under attack by army worm as happening over a couple of days in a military-like devastation – hence, the name army worm.

To counter the infestation, the lawn should be treated with an appropriate Lawn Insecticide. Homeowners can purchase these products from their local hardware store.

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